Okay - this piece got me to subscribe to you!

Like atheists have simply dismissed 'one more god' than the theist in front of the them - vegetarians (esp vegans) have relegated plants & crops as life forms suitably subordinate to kill & eat ('We respect all life' No you don't!) - the way normal people relegate animals for the same purpose.

This comment is of course knowingly ignoring all the multifarious further nuances which exist in said discussion!

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Nov 9, 2022Liked by Max Goodbird

Really interesting, well written, and clear. I share many views and experiences with Barbara McClintock. Saw your post on TwoX and came here--was not disappointed.

NGL--when I saw the name of your substack, I thought you were a football fan. :)

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Love the idea of this series, thanks for putting so much work into it.

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Aug 2, 2023Liked by Max Goodbird

Thank you for this piece.

I once knew a woman myself who never took anesthesia/pain medicine at the dentist. Instead, she would "redirect the pain" (her words) and send it flowing out through her feet, so she was always in the chair, barefoot, with strict instructions to those in the room not to touch her feet. I have no idea where she learned how to do this.

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(Okay - am not yet in the place where I would necessarily commit via payment to this SubStack - but there seem to be no free subscription options. IMO a good blog should be free if you like it, pay if you love it. And one can often lead to the other.

Will still endeavour to follow you 'manually')

EDIT - It seems that I 𝘢𝘮 now signed up for free (happy!) - but the interface simply made it look like only paid options existed - I was only aware of aborting my attempt to subscribe. But it seems that the mere act of clicking (to discover only paid options) also automatically counted as a free subscription commenced! This might be a 'SubStack' issue though.

This won't lose you subscribers, but some might find the apparent absence of a free option irksome!

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Your write up is most informative, and it would be better if you removed this.

You and I are not judges of a master we never knew.

"Whether this was an insight derived from diligent study, or the hallucination of a recluse starved for social interaction, is not entirely clear. Probably a bit of both."

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